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Our Outstanding results make us the 1st choice for chiropractic care in the Ventura, CA.

Testimonial by Shelby S.


When I first came to Dr. Adam I had chronic back and shoulder pain, and I had a constant problem with not being able to be as active as I to be. I am a surfer, and for many months paddling was a problem. After only a week and a half of adjustments, I was back in the water, and almost pain free. The following weekend I entered in a surf contest and got 3rd in the final. I was proud of myself, and would like to thank Dr. Adam for his magic touch! Chiropractic has really helped me. I haven’t felt this great in a while!

Testimonial by Susan C.


My main complaint when I first came to the office was my head, which was stuck to the left side, with sharp spasms. I was in a world of hurt. Dr. Adam and Jen were very welcoming and understanding. I was in so much pain, I was an emotional mess. Now, it has been three months, and I now have energy! I can move my head without pain, I rarely have headaches, my patience has improved, and my allergies have not flared up as well. I am also a half inch taller! I know it sounds too good to be true, but trust me it is true. My whole family is very grateful for Dr. Adam and Jen!

Testimonial by David H.


I originally came in for dental pain; that went away. I also experienced numbness or pain in my upper back on occasion, now gone. I can now sleep on a mattress that used to ‘cause’ lower back pain.

Testimonial by Karen B.


When I first came to Dr. Adam, I was in a tremendous amount of pain in my neck and shoulders. It has now been ten months, and I am now on a once a week maintenance program. I originally came three times a week, then twice a week on a very consistent basis. I listened to what Dr. Adam advised me to do, (IE: ice neck, stretch, work out, etc.), and I am relieved that the “pain in my neck” is gone. I am a believer. Dr. Adam rocks!!!

Testimonial by Estella and Jordan H.


My son Jordan suffers from Epilepsy. He had been two years seizure fee. Two months before I started services with Dr. Adam, he was having nightly jerks and seizure episodes. Dr. Mitchell from Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles recommended for Jordan to spend a few nights at the hospital to perform a scan of his brain. At that point I thought of Chiropractic care. I truly believe in Chiropractic due to working with one myself when I was younger. I met Rocio, and when she told me she worked for a chiropractor, I was so happy, I made an appointment right away. Now, Jordan has been sleeping great and I plan to continue with Chiropractic care since I found a great chiropractor! I refer him to my family and friends every chance I get. Thank you Dr. Adam, you’re the best!

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